About Cultural Strategies 


Cultural Strategies LLC offers Developmental Solutions for Start-Up and Small- to Medium-sized Business Owners and their Teams, Larger Organizations, and Individuals

We offer: 

•    Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaching and Consulting for personal, team, professional and business growth 

•    Gallup Builder Profile 10 (BP10) Coaching for Start-Ups and Small- to Medium-Sized Business Owners and their Teams, for Entrrpreneurs / Intrapreneurs  

•    Gallup Employee Engagement Coaching and Consulting for creating an Engaged Workforce

•    Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Workshops (Lencioni)


Today's Workplace Issues


We work at The Speed of Business in a multi-tasking, high-energy, high-speed, high-functioning, and in many instances, an electronic environment. While high-speed and virtual may be the way business is conducted, it may leave your most valued asset - your employees - feeling undervalued, disconnected to your organization's goals, disengaged from the organization, and left behind in the mad rush to accomplish so much in a short amount of time. Even if you value your employees a great deal, many times they are not working to their strengths or partnering with the strengths of their co-workers to produce excellent, collaborative work. This creates many unanticipated problems among your workforce and in getting timely and quality work done.   

Current problems organizations may face today are: 

  • Employee Disengagement  

  • Time Management, Competing Priorities, Overwhelming Workloads and Burnout 

  • High Employee Turnover  

  • Loss of High Potential Employees and Intellectual Capital 

  • Non-Transparent Communication 

  • Interpersonal and Team Conflicts 

  • Competing Managers in a Matrixed Organization 

  • Manager’s Supervisory Skills 

  • Organizational Silos 

  • Transfer of Corporate Governance from Boomers to Millennials 

  • Transfer of Knowledge from Exiting Employees (Turnover, Promotion, Retirement)  

Cost of Disengaged Employees v2.png

The monetary cost to organizations is staggering, not to mention the toll it takes on your organization's culture

Move the decimal over 1 place for 100 employees


fill in the blanks to make the equation fit your situation

____ Total Employees x 13% Disengaged

x ($______ Average Annual Salary x 34%) =

$______ Wasted Annual Revenue and Productivity



Solutions for Today’s Organizational Problems

It may sound simplistic, but one of the best organizational solutions for any of today's problems is to create a culture based on the science behind the Positive Psychology of Gallup's CliftonStrengths. For leaders, making this investment in your employees creates a connection point with them saying that they are valued, that their knowledge and what they give your company are appreciated, while generating team synergies that are hard to dismiss. You will find that your team is more connected to you and to each other, they form impromptu coalitions that address problems and solve them, and they become a true team - even across functional departments. The trajectory of a strengths-based organization is up.  

Understanding their unique strengths and talents at a core level helps employees become aware of how they think, feel and behave and leverage these talents to maximize themselves and their teams. As each individual broadens their appreciation of their own and others' complementary strengths, they create super-functioning and highly collaborative teams, better able to work at The Speed of Business.  

Determining the strengths of your team and engaging those strengths collectively when completing goals keeps your workforce fresh and thriving - a far cry from the disengagement seen by many organizations in today's world. Employees start to work within their strengths to accomplish their day-to-day tasks, bringing energy and others into the mix with them when needed to create the best outcomes for the organization.  

What Wins out in Today's Workforce: 

  • Purpose vs. Paycheck 

  • Development vs. Satisfaction 

  • Coach vs. Boss 

  • Conversations vs. Reviews 

  • Strengths vs. Weaknesses 

  • Life vs. Job 


The Outcomes for Strengths-Based Organizations (Gallup's 2015 Meta-Analysis)


Cultural Strategies, LLC

We're devoted to Start-Ups, Small Business Owners and their Leadership Teams, and larger organizations, but also to each worker within these organizations. We help you understand who you are and what you bring to your company so that it - and you - can thrive! Cultural Strategies exists to develop Start-Up and Small Business Owners to attain true growth based on their innate Builder Talents and CliftonStrengths. As Owners grow themselves, they also grow their businesses. We do this by

  • offering Gallup’s new Builder Profile 10 (BP10) Assessment,

  • guiding you through the understanding of your BP10 Assessment Results,

  • working your way through Gallup’s eight Development Tools for your business,

  • correlating your CliftonStrengths / StrengthsFinder Assessment Results with your BP10 Assessment Results and formulating a way to blend both results together in your development

  • providing coaching for your growth as a Builder, and

  • assessing how your team works through conflict and bringing in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Lencioni) when needed as a workshop facilitation tool – we want to help you get past relationship problems and on into success for the organization.

We focus not only on what you already do well to create paths to future excellence, but we will look out for those things that might be blind spots for you as a leader of your company. As we work through the Development Tools, you will understand how to navigate through the blind spots and onto more solid ground as you become more comfortable with the growth needs and cycles of your firm. During the process, you will learn how to:

  • conduct experiments for business growth,

  • analyze the results of the experiments,

  • determine the best way forward for your business through alternative solutions, and

  • pivot or embrace change to create additional growth for your company and development of yourself as a business Builder.


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Margaret Ricci

As the Founder and CEO of Cultural Strategies, LLC., Margaret Ricci is the first triple-qualified Gallup Coach in Minnesota:

  • Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach,

  • Gallup BP10 Coach, and

  • Gallup Q12 Employee Engagement Champion

Margaret uses a broad knowledge gained from over 30 years in business at multiple levels. She understands the needs of business owners to, not only develop themselves as owners, but to build strong and sustaining businesses that benefit their clients and employees.

Margaret also has a keen interest in helping Leadership Teams excel, getting past problematic conflicts, and becoming more productive in their interactions with each other which results in faster attainment of business goals. She facilitates Workshops on The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Workshops (Patrick Lencioni) to help teams become more trusting, enter into good conflict with each other, become more committed and accountable to each other, and achieve better results for the organization.

Our Qualifications



Cultural Strategies, LLC leadership has a wealth of knowledge from over 30 years in top- and mid-level management positions in a diverse set of industries, along with multiple educational degrees. Margaret Ricci is the Founder and CEO of the Cultural Strategies, LLC. She created Cultural Strategies because she saw a need in the workforce for cultural changes to bring organizations into synergistic relationships with their employees to solve employee engagement and turnover problems. At the same time, she knew the needs of workers to be valued for what they bring to their jobs and the limitless possibilities that all employees have when their development is nurtured by their managers. Both of these changes – to the company and in the company's valuation of its employees – allow the organization to gain positive growth in business metrics, as well as in retention of valued staff. This creates a high-velocity organization able to transform together as they successfully navigate needed changes, readjusting the culture toward higher performance.  

As the former COO of a toy company in Minnesota, Margaret understands what leadership teams go through to grow themselves and their companies. With the advent of Gallup’s new BP10 Assessment, she can now marry her love of cultural change with her knowledge that teams must learn how to work together well to move the organization forward. Using Gallup’s BP10 Assessment and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Lencioni) Workshop facilitation tools helps leadership teams move past problem areas and into more collaborative environments, while increasing trust and accountability for organizational goals.

Margaret holds an MBA and a BSBM from the University of Phoenix and Mini-Masters in Project Management and the Lean Enterprise from St. Thomas University.

Cultural Strategies, LLC is a State of Minnesota Targeted Group Business (W) and is CERT Certified for Hennepin and Ramsey Counties and the Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.


Why Gallup's BP10 or CliftonStrengths as the Starting Point?

Companies have the potential to become value-driven and high-velocity. But before leaders or organizations can make changes for their betterment, the internal culture must become high-valuing of the inherent knowledge and innate capabilities buried deep within the brains and hearts of each person in the company. When these valuable assets are unleashed and given reins to explore the dynamics between people and groups, the results are better cultures where every worker is valued for themselves and the outcomes accelerate the firms.

These cultural changes can reduce errors and problems, increase communication, streamline processes and protocols, reduce friction between owners, leadership teams, managers and employees, increase efficiencies and effectiveness, and decrease wasted resources; everyone wins!

The start of these changes take shape within the Positive Psychology internal to Gallup’s BP10 and CliftonStrengths and the conflict resolution models within Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Finding out what you do exceedingly well already forms the basis for figuring out which of the 10 Builder Profile or 34 Strengths Themes make up the intricate mix of "You!" As we explore more, we are able to help you shape your talents into Strengths that accelerate yourself and your teams to make the most of your interactions at any level. We are able to Aim your Strengths to accomplish your and your organization's goals with almost 100% accuracy toward excellence...every time! Explore your incredible potential through BP10 and Strengths Coaching and accelerate your team through Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

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