Gallup’s New Builder Profile 10 (BP10) Assessment and Tools

Gallup’s new BP10 Assessment helps Start-Up Owners, Entrepreneurs/Intrapreneurs, and Small Business Owners and their Leadership Teams understand their inherent business-building abilities and use them to accelerate their business outcomes


Overview of the Builder Profile 10

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Develop Yourself

Every business owner or member of a leadership team wonders if they have what it takes to create a successful company – it’s only natural! There is so much to do, so many things that could go wrong, and perhaps not enough hours in the day to accomplish what’s truly important for your business to thrive. But your passion to make a difference in the world keeps you going. You have a great idea or service – one that solves your customers problems. You want to make your difference in the world count for them, but also for yourself, your family, and your employees. You believe in yourself, but you wonder “Do I have everything I need to make my company great?" or “What else do I need that I might be forgetting about?”

Gallup’s new BP10 Assessment, used in conjunction with the book, Born to Build (2018), can help you answer many of these questions and show you how to develop yourself as a business owner. Based on years of Gallup’s research and their record-breaking CliftonStrengths Strengths-based development, the BP10 provides business Builders the ability to discover their innate talents for starting and growing their businesses. The BP10 is reliable and predictive of individual performance based on the proven qualities of successful builders.

Taking the Assessment of your unique Builder Talents is easy: a 30-minute online instrument provides your Performance Report upon completion. You will know your ranked, top Builder Talents from 10 scientifically proven talents of successful Builders and find ways to accelerate them toward even better performance. The BP10 will also designate which of three Builder Roles – Expert, Conductor or Rainmaker – your skills and talents are best suited to for your greatest impact as a Builder.

The BP10 also identifies your potential blind spots. Unlike Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment, business owners must account for all 10 of the Builder Talents to run a successful business. Finding out where your blind spots are is the first step toward mitigating them. As you work with a Coach or through the Builder Tools, you will find ways to gain the skills or knowledge to bolster these weaker areas or partner with someone who may be the perfect match for areas that you lack.

As part of the BP10, Gallup also gives you access to eight Builder Tools to help you make a productive path toward accomplishing your business goals to grow your business. These tools address topics such as self-awareness, recognizing opportunities, activating on ideas, and building a team.

Cultural Strategies provides BP10 workshops, debriefs of Assessment Results, and BP10 Coaching surrounding your Performance Report. Additional insights are possible with a separate Coaches’ Intensity Report (CIR) showing your exact ranking in relation to the General Population and Top-Quartile Builders. This report can be shared with you through the Coaching environment.


Develop Your Leadership Team

If you have a Leadership Team in your Start-Up or Small Business, you will find that developing your Team is important as you grow. Understanding what your partners bring to your growing business will help them develop their own Builder Talents, and help all of you manage your interconnecting relationships, roles and responsibilities to grow the business. The BP10 allows your whole Team to take a look at your collective top talents, find solutions to Team blind spots, and plan for your future business success.

Using the BP10 as a Team Accelerator will help you:

  • discover, develop and use everyone’s Builder Talents for greater team effectiveness and success

  • understand and appreciate the differences in the uniqueness of your Team, developing each person’s talents for greater efficiencies and outcomes

  • identify areas of strength and potential blind spots of the collective Team

  • understand how to best use the collective talents to achieve specific goals or address challenges

Your Team’s likelihood of success increases when all 10 Builder Talents are represented on your Leadership Team. Understanding how to engage each person’s best talents takes Coaching and a cohesive plan of action. Cultural Strategies can help you discover your BP10 Team Map to understand and appreciate one another’s Builder Talents and learn whom they can partner with to achieve your company’s goals. This tool helps Teams align tasks, activities and projects with each person’s unique talents, further increasing success and allowing Team members to naturally develop their talents.

Cultural Strategies offers BP10 workshops at your business’ site, as well as Coaching and development for your Team around their respective BP10 Talents. We can also bring a Strengths environment and positive psychology through discovering your Team members’ CliftonStrengths to enhance your learning. Although the BP10 Assessment results can stand alone and are not synonymous with CliftonStrengths, many times additional insights may be gained by understanding what your Team members bring individually through Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment.

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Develop Your Business

As you work through your own Builder Talents or as a Leadership Team using the BP10 and Coaching, you will find additional areas to develop your business using Gallup’s eight proprietary tools. The tools will help you to walk the Microeconomic Path for organic sales growth. The infographic to the left shows the way this translates behaviors into business metrics. As you and your Team grow your Builder Talents through recognizing how they fit together in the Team, you will be more able to focus your Talents on business outcomes appropriately and ear-mark people for the tasks at hand.

Gallup’s list of Tools included in the BP10 are the following:

Key 1 - Creating Self-Awareness:

  • Self-Schema Tool – Create the Internal Map of Your Personal Builder Characteristics

  • Board of Directors Tool – Identify Your Personal Board of Directors and their Roles

  • Purpose Journal Tool – Keep Track of Your Positive Experiences to Build Self-Awareness

Key 2 - Recognizing Opportunities:

  • Storyboard Tool – Analyze the Viability of Your Ideas

  • Opportunity Journal Tool – Start Identifying the Opportunities Around You

Key 3 - Activating on Ideas:

  • Activation Chart Tool – Refine Your Product or Service using Hypothesis Testing, Iterations and Pivots

Key 4 - Building Your Team:

  • Team Talent Map Tool – Map the Talents of Current or Potential Team Members

  • Extended Team Tool – Explore Your Personal Relationships to Broaden Opportunities

As your Coach guides you through use of the tools in a workshop or during coaching sessions, you will broaden your understanding of how you can aim your Builder Talents to maximize the goals of your team and business. Hypothesis Testing - used extensively in Lean Start-Up Models - is given additional credibility from the BP10 Assessment as you assign tasks and roles for testing based on your Team’s abilities. Using Hypothesis Testing, you’ll be able to determine whether your ideas or strategies will find a market or if customers will need something additional from you to make it worth their while, creating a pivot point for your business.

Determining your Expert, Conductor and Rainmaker roles in the company, along with understanding each Team Member’s 10 Builder Talents will help you find gaps in your business. These gaps will guide you in finding appropriate new Team Members, external or strategic partners, or re-position the people you already have to do their best work.

As you become more self-aware of your own Builder Talents and the talents of your Team, your Team will become more strategically integrated, able to accomplish your planned goals because you are using the Team’s greatest talents in pursuit of success. This may not only remove unnecessary risk from business decisions, but produces the best way forward when using the combined talents of the Team to create solutions.


BP10 Sample Reports

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View a Sample BP10 Report

BP10 Reports are only meant as the starting point of your development, not the end result. Finding out HOW you build your company, nonprofit or team shows you the beginning of your Builder Journey. Advancing your development takes coaching. Within coaching lies the incredible power of unleashing your Talents. You will learn how to Discover, Develop and Direct your Builder Talents through the coaching environment. Click here to view a Sample BP10 Report - the beginning of Antonio’s Builder Journey.

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View a Sample BP10 Coaches’ Insight Report (CIR)

To further understand yourself, it’s sometimes helpful to have metrics. As an addition to your BP10 Report, you can add the BP10 Coaches’ Insight Report or CIR. The CIR Report is a snapshot of your BP10 results on the 10 Builder Talents on a percentage rating of 0% - 100%. The Report also gives you two additional benchmarks -

  • your score compared to the Top Quartile of Builders who have taken the BP10 (signified as a small black-lined box on your Overall Talent Score and on each of the 10 Builder Talents), and

  • your score compared to the General Population of Builders (signified as a small green bar on your Overall Talent Score and on each of the 10 Builder Talents).

The CIR Report is most predictive of an individual’s inherent potential for excellence as a builder, however it is used as a baseline for development. During coaching, we not only use this report to build the potential for great excellence, but also to gauge what might need bolstering or partnering for true success. Remember - you must account for ALL Builder Talents in order to have a successful team or business. Click here to view a Sample CIR Report - the continuation of Amelia’s Builder Journey.