Your Teams and Their Strengths

Cultural Strategies and Gallup’s CliftonStrengths and BP10 Assessments offer the opportunity for individuals and teams to understand how they best think, feel and accomplish their work. It is mission-critical for team members to work collaboratively across functions. Optimizing your Team in a Strengths-based atmosphere creates a culture of cooperation and value as employees begin to acknowledge not only their own talents and strengths, but those of other Team Members. The result: projects become completed with more efficiency, with more robust and creative energy, less friction between members, and more buy-in for Company goals.  

Understanding your Team Member’s individual talents and then expanding that understanding into the collective strengths of your Team creates a thriving culture where members’ contributions are valued because of their diversity and where weakness-fixing becomes partnership possibilities.  

Cultural Strategies creates Workshops and consulting opportunities where your organization can learn about Strengths-based business practices and do hands-on learning to incorporate these practices into the daily fabric of your organization.  

We can assist through: 

  • Strengths-based education, coaching and consulting 

  • Builder Profile 10 (BP10) education, coaching and consulting

  • Employee Engagement analysis (Q12), education, coaching and consulting, determination of the current state of your organizational culture and assisting in finding solutions for metrics that aren't where you want them to be

In these services, we work with leadership to determine the needs of the organization, assess what leadership would like to accomplish, and create a tailored Work Plan and Schedule to facilitate education or consulting to reach your objectives.  


Strengths-based Education and Consulting Services 

Because you understand your organization's goals better than anyone, we offer solutions that will give your business a Strengths-based education that will: 

  • create a learning environment surrounding Strengths-based education,  

  • understand each Team Member’s individual Strengths,  

  • understand the collective Strengths of the complete Team, and  

  • determine how to assist Team Members in using these principles in their collaborative environment to gain the organization’s goals.  

Because you are integrating Strengths into the fabric of your organization, you are gaining opportunities to make this change one of the best to continue to build your business well. When employees understand themselves and those they work with better, they can bring more of their top talents into the creation of an inviting, inspired and thriving culture. As your Teams build a collaborative environment, barriers are removed and conflict lessened, allowing Teams to make effective and efficient use of time and resources to maximize the business' growth. Accomplishing your work will become easier, more efficient, and more cooperative with improved execution of all activities.  

Because strengths knowledge may be a new concept to your organization, we teach the concepts in a constructed way to build on each level of knowledge toward accomplishing your overarching mission and objectives.  


We expect our Strengths-based educational services will provide the following cultural and financial benefits: 

  • Elevated performance of Team Members by equipping, inspiring and improving each Team Member as they continue to aim their strengths to accomplish the objectives of the company 

  • Improve the success and increase the positive results of your company by equipping and inspiring your Team Members through their shared talents and strengths

  • Achieve more optimal performance of your business as processes are redesigned based on the strengths and improved partnerships of Team Members

  • Better assignment of tasks based on understanding the strengths of each Member 

  • Better collaboration in tasks that require teaming, resulting in a more efficient and economical use of time and resources 

  • Better communication and ongoing conversations between Team Members as the language and knowledge of Strengths permeates understanding for all 

  • Continued development of the Team as leadership determines performance and developmental measures and metrics to increase personal and team performance

  • Research: 

    • Gallup’s CliftonStrengths research spans over 40 years studying the 34 most common talents of successful people. Over 20,000,000 people throughout the world have discovered their best way to succeed in life through the CliftonStrengths Assessment. Gallup’s 2015 Meta-Analysis (see below) shows the relationship of good metrics from organizations that use a Strengths-based strategic positioning as opposed to those that do not. Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies use CliftonStrengths showing that the correlation of Strengths-based culture and company ROIs are real and substantial. 

    • Gallup’s BP10 research spans over 15 years studying U.S. and international business builders and nonbuilders - both adults and high school-aged students during the multiyear development and validation of the assessment. The compilation of over 4,000 inputs began with a detailed job analysis of what successful builders do on a day-to-day basis and can be described as the demands of the job of successful business builders.

    • Gallup’s Q12 research has been conducted over 20 years involving 10 million employee and manager interviews, spanning 114 countries and delivered in 41 languages to identify the elements most important in sustaining workplace excellence. The 12 questions that comprise the Q12 have been shown to be the most clear indicators of employee engagement. Working through the Q12 with managers, an organization may be able to zero in on the most telling signs of employee disengagement and work with coaching and leadership involvement to bring scores on those measures up.

  • Organizational Mission and Opportunities: 

    • Today’s organizations understand that the innate knowledge of both its leaders and its teams work best when everyone understands how they are wired individually and collectively in their Teams.

    • The finite resources of time and people play an important role in getting critical tasks done. Navigating The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Workshops will help with both of these important aspects of creating a valuing, respectful environment for any team and making sure that your focus is on the Results of your team, and not on conflict or other teaming problems.

    • A strengths-based environment assists everyone in understanding how they work together better to get more accomplished in less time when they understand each other’s strengths. Plugging the right people into the right tasks because of the valuation of their Strengths on a team makes sure that the objective will get the best outcome.  

  • Resources/Technology: 

    • Using the Gallup’s online CliftonStrengths, BP10, and Q12 Assessments allow real-time gathering of information and almost instantaneous reports after an Assessment is completed.

    • Our Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches ensure that your Team will receive learning and instruction the way Gallup itself would teach any of the courses.

    • The combination of Gallup’s vetted Assessments and the Gallup-vetted instructor training gives you the peace of mind to know that your Workshops are “Gallup Strengths-based strong.” 

    • Patrick Lencioni’s “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” Workshop Modules are presented courtesy of Wiley/Pfeiffer, the authorized publishers for Mr. Lencioni’s The Table Group.