Ever wonder why you believe, act and feel the way you do? 

We live our lives through the way we look at it –  

  • some view life as a continuation of history and use it to learn from for the future

  • some are analytical and look for the data in life to make important decisions

  • some view risks in any important decision and try to get rid of them before moving forward

  • some look to their relationships with others to help make good decisions

  • some take something that is good already and find ways to make it excel even greater

All of these are examples of talents or the way you are wired at a very early age – you choose to view the world through the lenses of your talents. And nearly everyone else views the world from a different lens. 

It's True...You are 1 in a Million

or more precisely, the odds of finding someone with your unique CliftonStrengths Top 5 Strengths in the same ranked order is 1 in 33,000,000. The odds of finding someone with your unique CliftonStrengths Top 10 Strengths in the same ranked order is 1 in 270,000,000! You can see how the great diversity of people lends itself to creating engaging relationships that do more than just become acquaintances – these are the fabric of our lives, our teams, our businesses, our friends, our families.  

Finding out who you are is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding searches in life. We can help you with that! Through the CliftonStrengths Assessment and coaching, we partner to help you find out about yourself – how you are wired and the important talents and strengths that you give to the world. Your awareness of what you add to others' lives, and what they add to yours, becomes a source of satisfaction as you realize that you receive as much from others as you give. We also help you find out how you can effectively use your talents to optimize yourself and your Teams.

You have the best potential of excelling in what you are already good at and we can help develop your excellence through coaching conversations that take you a step further each time. With thought-provoking questions that help you see yourself and the innate wonder of who you really are, the guided path of one-on-one coaching helps you discover answers to these questions.

We Would Love to Help!

Strengths Understanding Package

Our Strengths Understanding Package consists of two 90-minute coaching conversations that focus on you and help you understand what your Strengths are, and what Strengths-based Development and positive psychology are all about.  

Strengths Discovery Package – Understanding the Strengths Foundation

Our Strengths Discovery Package consists of six 90-minute sessions of self-discovery of your innate and unique talents as listed in your CliftonStrengths Top 5, Insight, and Full 34 Theme Reports.* This package contains the following sessions:

Session 1 - Intake of Information and Initial Thoughts on Goal-Setting 

Session 2 – Understanding your Strengths Profile and Reports 

Session 3 – Sorting your Themes* 

Session 4 – Insights and Talent Mapping Deep Dive 

Session 5 – Strengths Appreciation  

Session 6 – Investing in Strengths, Theme Dynamics, and Individual Development Plan

Together we explore what makes you unique and talented through Naming and Claiming your talents. We then start to create goals in which we Aim your talents to increase your use of them, building your ability to use them in everyday life, at your job, and in any situation with family and friends – building them into Strengths you can use every day with near-perfect execution and increasing success.   

  Additional Coaching Packages are available – feel free to contact us to see what fits best for you. 


*Opening the Full 34 Theme Report is an additional cost