Our Methodology

The Power of Gallup’s BP10 and CliftonStrengths


We believe in the beauty and power of Strengths-based psychology where people know their innate talents and strengths and then build upon them instead of focusing on weakness-fixing. The cornerstone of our coaching and consulting comes from individuals understanding themselves better through Gallup's CliftonStrengths Assessment or Gallup’s BP10 Assessment.  

With the information gained from your CliftonStrengths Top 5, your Full 34 Themes Report or with the information you receive after taking your BP10 Assessment, we formulate coaching that focuses on the development of you and your Teams as seen through the lenses of Strengths and Positive Psychology. The individualized coaching we offer is as varied as the types of people we serve, but rest assured – we coach in the same way that Gallup itself would coach you. We are Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches. 

If you want to know more about investing in yourself and your talents or about how you can build high-performing teams, give us a call – we are ready to partner with you in the discovery of your very best self, your very best teams, and your very best organization. We will create a plan for you or your team's development based on your needs to jump start your Strengths growth. 

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What are BP10 Talents?

Are they the same thing as CliftonStrengths Talents?

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Your Builder Profile 10 (BP10) Talents are not the same as Your CliftonStrengths Talents/Strengths – They tell you about your innate Talents for starting and growing a Business

Gallup’s BP10 Assessment charts your ability to create and grow a business using your Business Talents, not your personal Strengths. Although there are ways the two Assessments are similar and we can use your Strengths Talents to infuse new knowledge in creating your business, using the BP10 Assessment gives you targeted knowledge and tools to help you grow your business much better. After you take the Assessment, you will see your ranked order of 10 Builder Talents which tell you how you best create, energize and grow your business. Along with the 10 Builder Talents, there are three Roles that would fit you well in your business’ Leadership Team. The BP10 Assessment Results will tell you what you already do well to create and grow your business – but they also show you how you can develop your potential as a business Builder and develop your company. When your whole Leadership Team takes the Assessment, you will gain new insight into the roles and talents that your Team plays to move your business forward.

In your Performance Report, you will see areas of strength, but also areas of weakness. Where the CliftonStrengths Talents and Strengths are about what you do every single day, no matter where you are and we do not care to stay in the areas of weaknesses because you have more to give in your Strengths, the BP10 Talents must all be present in your company’s Team to have a successful organization. As we look at your profile, we will be able to see those areas that are working very well for you which will be areas that you can ramp up very well. But we will also see areas that need to be bolstered or mitigated. You can address these areas in a number of ways: by gaining extra knowledge, gaining new skills, or by partnering with someone who already has the exact talents that you need on your Team.

The BP10 is a way you can address your own growth as a business owner, as well as develop your successful business by looking at all the talents you have on your Team. If you are a solopreneur, we will discuss what you can do to find the pieces that might be missing in your Team. Each individual owner, each company’s offerings, each Team Member adds a component mix to the business. Finding the best way to develop everyone will give you the best outcomes for your company.

The BP10’s eight additional Tools help you take a deep dive into the following areas for good business growth, all based on your ranked Builder Talents:

  • Self-Awareness of your Builder Talents – how you think and grow your business

  • Recognizing Opportunities for your Business – analyze the viability of your ideas and opportunities for business growth

  • Activating on Ideas – refining your product or service offering(s) using the cycles of hypothesis testing and experimentation

  • Building a Team – mapping the talents of current or potential Team Members and developing a broad and diverse network to help you fulfill your venture’s needs

Using your own understanding of how you build and create your business will enable you to understand how to best move your company forward using your new BP10 knowledge and the associated tools. Cultural Strategies can help you understand your BP10 results in Workshops and through coaching. An additional Intensity Report is available as to where you placed from 1-100 on each of the 10 Builder Talents – however, this report is only available through the coaching environment.


BP10 Sample Reports

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View a Sample BP10 Report

BP10 Reports are only meant as the starting point of your development, not the end result. Finding out HOW you build your company, nonprofit or team shows you the beginning of your Builder Journey. Advancing your development takes coaching. Within coaching lies the incredible power of unleashing your Talents. You will learn how to Discover, Develop and Direct your Builder Talents through the coaching environment. Click here to view a Sample BP10 Report - the beginning of Antonio’s Builder Journey.

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View a Sample BP10 Coaches’ Insight Report (CIR)

To further understand yourself, it’s sometimes helpful to have metrics. As an addition to your BP10 Report, you can add the BP10 Coaches’ Insight Report or CIR. The CIR Report is a snapshot of your BP10 results on the 10 Builder Talents on a percentage rating of 0% - 100%. The Report also gives you two additional benchmarks -

  • your score compared to the Top Quartile of Builders who have taken the BP10 (signified as a small black-lined box on your Overall Talent Score and on each of the 10 Builder Talents), and

  • your score compared to the General Population of Builders (signified as a small green bar on your Overall Talent Score and on each of the 10 Builder Talents).

The CIR Report is most predictive of an individual’s inherent potential for excellence as a builder, however it is used as a baseline for development. During coaching, we not only use this report to build the potential for great excellence, but also to gauge what might need bolstering or partnering for true success. Remember - you must account for ALL Builder Talents in order to have a successful team or business. Click here to view a Sample CIR Report - the continuation of Amelia’s Builder Journey.

What are "CliftonStrengths"?


The Strengths Movement began in 2001 when Gallup introduced the online StrengthsFinder Assessment through the book Now, Discover Your Strengths. Now renamed the CliftonStrengths Assessment in honor of its author and creator, Don Clifton (1924-2003), it has been taken by over 20,000,000 people worldwide to help them discover how they naturally think, feel and behave and to tap into their talents for success in life, business and education. It uses research and statistics to identify a unique sequence of 34 themes of talent for every individual. This shows people how they might succeed by developing their talents into CliftonStrengths using positive psychology instead of trying to fix what we think are wrong with us.  These 34 Themes or “Strengths” show how you succeed in life already. What we do to assist you is to delve deeper into what each Theme or Strength says about you and then to use them incrementally toward future successes. Our Strengths coaching helps you Name, Claim and Aim your talents to become Strengths by focusing on their development in your life. The Assessment may be the start of your Strengths Journey, but Coaching takes you to the next level by creating an individualized, incremental plan to get you to Aim your Strengths at your life goals. Nowhere is there a better way to improve yourself than through the Coaching environment of Gallup CliftonStrengths.


"Strengths"/CliftonStrengths are:

  • More than an assessment – they are a roadmap for personal, team and group success for individuals, organizations and educators. It shows how people succeed in life and coaching gives people additional concrete steps toward success.

  • More than a philosophy or a psychology – they are a transformational sea change toward personal growth and collective growth. Don Clifton wondered how the world could change for the better if just 1,000,000 took the Assessment and it changed their lives; imagine what he would think of a world having 20,000,000 who have already taken the Assessment! When people invest their knowledge, skills, experience and practice in using their talents, they reap Strengths which they can use with almost 100% accuracy and excellence. Using Strengths, they create infinite potential as opposed to fixing something perceived as a weakness about themselves. We manage around weaknesses by partnering with those who are already strong in the areas we are weak, or by using technology or other means. This way everyone of us wins as we leverage the strengths of each other to maximize our human potential in partnerships by developing people to become great at what they're already naturally good at.

  • More than a business strategy – although they change organizations forever. 90% of the US's Fortune 500 companies use CliftonStrengths as one of their successful business strategies. Garnering metrics that belie the simple truths presented in it, it reaches employees, managers and leaders to gain their best workforce ever – with even better futures to come each year.

  • More than a movement – they are changing the way the world perceives itself. They are the sum of collective teams, just as much as they are the individual components, that move the world. Valuing each other and ourselves is what makes the world a better place in which to live.

  • They are about infinite potential – and harnessing this potential for yourself, your team or your organization.