BP10 Sample Reports

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View a Sample BP10 Report

BP10 Reports are only meant as the starting point of your development, not the end result. Finding out HOW you build your company, nonprofit or team shows you the beginning of your Builder Journey. Advancing your development takes coaching. Within coaching lies the incredible power of unleashing your Talents. You will learn how to Discover, Develop and Direct your Builder Talents through the coaching environment. Click here to view a Sample BP10 Report - the beginning of Antonio’s Builder Journey.

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View a Sample BP10 Coaches’ Insight Report (CIR)

To further understand yourself, it’s sometimes helpful to have metrics. As an addition to your BP10 Report, you can add the BP10 Coaches’ Insight Report or CIR. The CIR Report is a snapshot of your BP10 results on the 10 Builder Talents on a percentage rating of 0% - 100%. The Report also gives you two additional benchmarks -

  • your score compared to the Top Quartile of Builders who have taken the BP10 (signified as a small black-lined box on your Overall Talent Score and on each of the 10 Builder Talents), and

  • your score compared to the General Population of Builders (signified as a small green bar on your Overall Talent Score and on each of the 10 Builder Talents).

The CIR Report is most predictive of an individual’s inherent potential for excellence as a builder, however it is used as a baseline for development. During coaching, we not only use this report to build the potential for great excellence, but also to gauge what might need bolstering or partnering for true success. Remember - you must account for ALL Builder Talents in order to have a successful team or business. Click here to view a Sample CIR Report - the continuation of Amelia’s Builder Journey.