Strengths-based Coaching, Consulting and Development for

Start-Ups, Small Business Owners, Organizations and Individuals


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Meet Cultural Strategies and

Margaret Ricci

We're devoted to Start-Ups, Small Business Owners and Leadership Teams, but also to each worker within these organizations. We help you understand who you are and what you bring to your company so that it - and you - can thrive! Cultural Strategies exists to develop Business Leaders, Leadership Teams, and Start-Up and Small Business Owners to attain true growth based on their innate Builder Talents and CliftonStrengths. As Owners grow themselves, they also grow their businesses. We do this by

  • offering Gallup’s new Builder Profile 10 (BP10) Assessment,

  • guiding you through coaching of your BP10 Assessment Results, and

  • working your way through Gallup’s eight Development Tools for your business.

We focus not only on what you already do well to create paths to future excellence, but we will look out for those things that might be blind spots for you as a leader of your company. As we work through the Development Tools, you will understand how to navigate through your blind spots and accelerate your Builder Talents toward growth needs and the cycles of your business. During the process, you will learn how to:

  • conduct experiments for business growth,

  • analyze the results of the experiments,

  • determine the best way forward for your business through alternative solutions, and

  • pivot or embrace change to create additional growth for your company and development of yourself as a business Builder.

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As the Founder and CEO of Cultural Strategies, LLC, Margaret Ricci is the first triple-qualified Gallup Coach in the Twin Cities area:

  • Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach,

  • Gallup BP10 Coach, and

  • Gallup Q12 Employee Engagement Champion

Margaret uses a broad knowledge gained from over 30 years in business at multiple levels. She understands the needs of business owners to, not only develop themselves as owners, but to build strong teams and sustaining businesses that benefit their clients and employees.

Margaret also has a keen interest in helping Leadership Teams excel, getting past problematic conflicts, and becoming more productive in their interactions with each other. The use of Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Workshops results in helping your team understand the roles that trust, good conflict, commitment, accountability and attention to results play in team development. Through the Workshops, your team’s mindsets will change, creating a more cohesive team better able to attain your business goals without the added stress sometimes created through unintentional behaviors.

In February 2019, Margaret was also chosen as the Chapter Director of the new Twin Cities COO Forum. The COO Forum exists to provide peer support for COOs and other Second-in-Command Executives. From her own time as a COO, she knows the trials and tribulations of these awesome executives. Opening up this new Chapter in Minneapolis and St. Paul allows her to use her knowledge of the role, her knowledge of the COO Forum (which she was a part of during her COO tenure), and her knowledge as a business coach to help address the concerns, problems and development of these much needed business executives. She works with Bill Shepard, the CEO of the COO Forum in Silicon Valley, CA and Laura Weikle, the EVP of the COO Forum located in Atlanta, GA to bring the best of this peer group to the Twin Cities. She joins other Chapter Directors in over 24 Chapters in major cities across the United States and three global Chapters in Sydney, Australia; London, UK; and Montreal, QC, Canada. Feel free to call her regarding becoming a part of this growing group of amazing executives.