As you leave the hallowed halls of your educational environment behind and embark upon your next exciting chapter of life, learning about yourself will help you decide how to capitalize on those things that you are already good at to find a position in which you will thrive. The interests that you have are the first clue to your Strengths and a new career. If something excites you, you can’t wait to learn more or have flow in an activity, it is a good indication that this might be one of your Strengths. As we coach, you will find more evidence of your innate talents that we will continue to explore in new ways.  

Finding your defining moment among your talents, skills and interests will help you choose a clearer path forward. You can then apply any type of job search methodology to find your best fit position. When it comes time to have informationals or actual job interviews, you will be equipped to respond to questions from your new Strengths viewpoint and better advocate for yourself.