Do you ever wonder what you should be doing in life?

Are you at a crossroads in life?

Are you graduating from high school or exploring options in or after college? 

Are you at a mid-point in life and wonder if your current industry or position is the best place for you? Do you think you might enjoy something different? Maybe you don’t like where your current position is taking you and you long for something unique that fits your values better and makes a difference in the world. Exploring a second career through Strengths Discovery might be something that fuels your sails toward your new life's work. 

Or maybe you are at a point where life has handed you an unexpected change in a layoff. These kinds of changes are normal in life, yet they are hard to navigate. Learning about yourself during this time of the Neutral Zone as William Bridges calls it in his seminal book, Transitions, should be one of your tasks as well as finding your next position. This can be one of the richest and most important times in your life as you ponder your future, what you would like to do with your life, and where you would like to be in the next 5-10 years. Exploring yourself and what you have to offer the world and your next employer should be one of the things you tackle during this time. A Strengths Journey is a way that you can find out more about yourself and what you were wired to do. At the very least, it will give you new words that you can use to understand and describe yourself and how you work with others to accomplish important tasks. This becomes the language that you will use in your interviews and informationals to give your potential future employers a way to understand the value that you might bring to their organization.  

We can help you explore new options based on your CliftonStrengths or BP10 Talents. We’ve been at each of these juncture points of life and sometimes the changes they bring seem overwhelming. Together, we can think about where your CliftonStrengths talents could lead you – someplace that excites you and gives you a new reason to wake up in the morning! It is never too late to discover who you are and what you enjoy in life. Everyone should have the chance to work in what they love – and we can help you discover that. 

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As an Executive in Transition, 

there is nothing more powerful than presenting your true self as defined by your Builder Profile 10 Talents.


Learn what it is that makes you a brilliant addition to a new leadership team.

Learn HOW you help build businesses.

Learn to develop the great potential of YOU!

By using the Gallup’s BP10 Assessment and Coaching, you’ll have the right words to express yourself during executive interviews because you will know yourself at your core and at the wonderful place where you can intersect the businesses where you are interviewing. During BP10 Coaching, you’ll gain more understanding of what you do that infuses you with great strength and the role you would naturally play on the leadership team.

Do you have Confidence?

Are you a Delegator?

Do you have great Determination or Independence?

Can you instantly analyze Risk and mitigate it?

Are you a Disruptor?

Do you have great Selling or Profit focus?

Do you build great Relationships?

Are you the Knowledge expert?

These are all things we dive into during our coaching of your Builder Talents. You were Born to Build - help those who interview you find out how you can help their leadership team accelerate using the knowledge you gained about yourself during your Builder Profile 10 Coaching. Gallup’s newest profile assessment will give you all the confidence you need to explain how great of a fit you are for any team because of your Builder Talents. Come learn about how your Talents can help you gain your next, most excellent position! Watch Gallup’s short video to catch a glimpse of yourself as a Builder.